Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

We had a wonderful week celebrating the Earth!  We kicked off the week learning about the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - with Brainpop Jr's clip:

To understand the 3 R's we spent a day on each one.  To learn about REDUCE we discussed all of the ways we already reduce the energy and water we use.  My cuties loved knowing they already knew ways they could help our Earth!

To learn about REUSE we created recycling trucks out of all items we can reuse like boxes, tubes, and paper.  Doing these creative thinking projects are one of our favorite activities.  My little love the freedom in creating and I love seeing what they create when they make a plan and work together - 21st century learning!

We labeled each of the trucks with the materials it can recycle.

To learn more about RECYCLING we gathered trash outside and then sorted all of our trash into the correct recycling truck.  We may have been spooked by a few bugs that were in our trucks at the end of the recycling activity!  EEKK!

In writer's workshop, we celebrated National Poetry Month with writing poems!  We started with creating a bubble map of the things the Earth provides for us.

Then we used our bubble map to write love poems to the Earth.

One of our favorite activities this week was creating band-aids for Earth with get-well messages written on them of how we can hep the Earth.  This book inspired us with ideas:

Another favorite book was this one:

Before we read it I asked my little what it means to "be green".  There answers were hilarious!  If you want a good laugh just ask your little this!

If I had only one Earth Day book it would be this one, though:

This book really makes littles aware of how the Earth is suffering and what we can do everyday to help the Earth.  There is even information about the Arctic melting, which affects the polar bears.  My class is so upset about it that we decided we would do a play as a fundraiser for Polar Bears International.  We chose Wide Mouth Frog from HeidiSongs because it's about animals.

I did this play a few years ago with my PreK class:

I just LOVE Earth Day week and empowering my littles to help our world everyday!  I also wore my Earth Day skirt this week to channel my inner Mrs. Frizzle!

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Wedding of Q and U!

We had a fabulous week in kindergarten celebrating Q and U!

To kick off the week we read Growing Kinders book about Alphabetland and Q and U, then sorted pictures that do and don't begin with the chunk qu.
This is in my freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers if you want to snag it!  Click the cover below!
Later in the week we created a wedding gift for Q and U - a quilt filled with things that begin with the chunk qu.

Today we had our ceremony!

I made little veils and bought top hats for my littles.  We even dressed as queens and quarterbacks to celebrate!  Here is one of our ceremonies on YouTube.  We performed it a few times so everyone had a chance to participate.  

Friday, September 2, 2016

Do you know Adobe Spark?

Have you heard of Adobe Spark?

It's awesome and so easy to use.  It's an app that let's you create stories with photos and voice recordings.  I have already used it a few times.  I even taught my kinderst last year how to make an Adobe Spark video.

Last year my class performed a play to raise money and save the polar bears.  We used Adobe Spark to create our invitation.

This year I have started using Adobe Spark to create a way for families to learn about the different parts of our day.  The first one I made was about our Morning Message.

Today's video for my families was about Daily Five.

If you want to see the rest of my videos that I am going to share next week, follow me on my NEW Facebook page for Sprinkles to Kindergarten.  Click the button below to visit!  It's still in the making, but it's getting there.

I plan to implement Adobe Spark more this year to create digitally published stories for my cuties in Writer's Workshop.  Then I can create a QR for their stories and display them in the classroom for Listening to Reading in Daily Five. 

How would you use Adobe Spark?

Sunday, July 31, 2016

STEM Our Learning of Fables

Before my littles left for summer break, we spent a month on fables, with a focus on one each week. Now since this unit coincided with the last month of school, I didn't snap as many pics as I would have hoped.  These little units made for some fun enrichment, cooperative learning and a break from our normal routine, which allowed me to also finish up end of the year assessments.

Our first fable was The Three Little Pigs.  There is so much you can do with this fable and my littles never wanted the fun to end.  Let me start by saying one thing I loved about this unit was the many different versions of each book.  This makes for such fun retelling!  To work on retelling, we built the setting of The Three Little Pigs.

The sets were used to retell the story.  We used masks that I made from poster board and some masks from Lakeshore that I received through Donors Choose.

Here is a small video of some of my litttles retelling.

The Big Bad Wolf had a day of fun with us as well.  We huffed and puffed life the Big Bad Wolf with some wolf straws.  My cuties drew a house on paper and then attached a straw to a wolf face and blew water droplets on the house.

You can grab the wolf faces and labels by clicking the pic below.
For a fun STEM challenge, we built houses to protect our pigs.  We even wore construction hats!

Our pigs were from this pack of counters from Lakeshore.

Then the Big Bad Wolf (my blow dryer) came to try and blow down the houses.  I asked the littles to test their houses before the Big Bad Wolf came, so they all blew on them and fixed things as needed.  When the Wolf showed up, all of the houses stood!  My littles learned it's important to test and rethink our work sometimes to make it better.

We had lots of little social learning activities, too, such as building brick houses with wooden blocks and a simple play dough recipe for mortar.  They loved spreading the "mortar" on the "bricks" and building houses.

Another social learning activity we did was inspired by this math lesson about surveys and graphs and this book:

My littles loved to survey their friends around the room about who's story they believed - the wolf or the pigs.  This video is pretty cute of their surveys!

Another fable we studied was The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

We created our own trolls with a collage of materials.  Thankfully, trolls can look however you want them to look - they're trolls.

We also  created bridges for the goats to cross over the river in partner groups for a little STEM project.  We used the goats from the same pack of farm animal counters from Lakeshore.

Our last fable was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  I did not get pics at all because this was the next to the last week and we had so many things to finish up and graduation to prepare for, so, alas, this is my only pic of a project we did for beginning, middle, and end.  They turned out pretty cute and my littles loved making their own Goldilocks and 3 Bears however they wanted to for this project.

Have a great rest of your summer!  I am about to tackle this little book for fun...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Celebrations with Oriental Trading

Hiya peeps!  I hope summertime has been treating you well!  I have been trying to get all of my ducks in a row for the new school year while also enjoying the sun and the pool.

It's about to get busy, though!  My sweet sister-in-law, Dayna, is about to get married on July 10!  It's going to be a busy time for our family, but filled with HUGE blessings as our family grows.  

(This is a pic of me, Dayna, and Parker, the groom, at a shower that was thrown for them.  We got them "Mason" items in blue because that is Parker's last name and they love blue.  We also got them 6 months of dates to be opened each month on the 10th of that month since they're getting married on July 10.)

Well, immediately after the wedding, and I mean immediately on July 11, the family is heading to Corpus Christi for a week of beach house relaxing while the newlyweds head to their honeymoon. There is still so much to do, but Oriental Trading is going to make everything easier for us with wedding supplies and beach themed fun for our beach week. Check out all of these adorable, inexpensive luau/beach themed links to have a fun-filled summertime celebration at the beach or in your backyard!

Oriental Trading keeps event/party planning so easy and stress free.  They have direct links to all kinds of ideas from decorating

to party favors!

Remember to check out Oriental Trading for all of your summer-time fun celebrations!

Enjoy your summer and wish us luck on the wedding!


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